Field flags sign seal lotus notes

May 27, 2004 You do not need to append the items. You can use CopyItemToDocument to copy them and change the names. The SIGN and SEAL flags do not do anything by themselves. This document describes the problem that Notes user saw duplicate attachment attxxxxx. xxx in a MIME message. Duplicate attachment attxxxxx.

xxx appears in Notes Client Technote (troubleshooting) Problem. Duplicate attachment attxxxxx. xxx appears in a MIME message received by Notes user Field Flags: ATTACH SIGN SEAL Available Lotus Notes field flags which the driver can appropriately set are readaccess, readwriteaccess, names, protected, and summary.

The seal and sign flags can also be enabled or disabled, but without the expected supporting functionality. May 27, 2004 Field Flags Refers to the type of field and the different attributes it may have; for example, if a field is flagged for encryption it says SEAL.

OK, I tried to remove the Author and Reader fields and all other security related things that I could come up with but I am unable to get rid of this" SIGN SEAL" in some fields. Notes client does not working as Lotus Domino Administrator 6 Help describes. Below is the excerpt from" Mapping MIME types to file extensions" in" Lotus Domino Administrator 6 Help" Contenttype header for the message part that describes the attachment.

I need to display the FILE MODIFIED and FILE CREATED dates of a documents attachment(s)in a Form Field. How is this done. Thanks in advance. By the Way, if you can't tell by my last couple questions I don't have much experience when it comes to Notes development. Encrypted emails are giving false form Notes api. up vote 1 down vote favorite. I have send an Encrypted email to Lotus notes inbox, If I access that email from my Field flags sign seal lotus notes Its giving true, If the same email is running different system Its giving false.

Text Data Length: 1 bytes Seq Num: 1 Dup Item ID: 0 Field Flags: SUMMARY" 1" I don't Everyone keeps talking about opening the attachment. IT'S NOT AN ATTACHMENT! The image was pasted in a rich text field in Notes cocument. When I view the properties of one these Notes documents