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Symbols of the Year; Graduate Programs The Symbolic Systems Program offers a Master of Science Degree which requires a substantial research projectmaster's thesis as its focal component. See Symbolic Systems M. S. Program; Several other Master's degree programs at Stanford offer specialization areas that are related to symbolic Graduate Program Overview.

Graduate programs tend to be highly specialized courses of study at the Masters degree or Doctorate degree levels. Masters Programs Whatever your goal, a graduate degree, a professional education or postdoctoral studies at UVA will help you reach your destination.

With a diverse suite of degrees and programs, the University of Virginia supports a variety of paths, propelling students forward to pursue their educations as far as they choose to go. Also, the fiveyear diploma () awarded in all Polytechnics (schools of engineering) and the Athens School of Fine Arts is considered equal to a graduate degree plus a master's degree. [73 Higher Education Leadership Programs Our Higher Education Leadership portfolio offers a progression of career development experiences for higher education administrators at multiple stages in their careers and in a range of settings, from large research universities to small liberal arts colleges and community colleges.

Master's Programs. Choose from 13 yearlong intensive master's programs exploring the most challenging and exciting questions in education research, At the Harvard Graduate School of Education, two distinct doctoral programs leverage the extraordinary interdisciplinary strengths of the entire university.

List of graduate program in Mythological Studies. Graduate Programs in Mythological Studies. If you are a student interested in pursuing graduate study in mythological studies, this information is for you. Massachusetts offers a doctorate that can include mythic symbolism and expressive arts therapy. Computer Engineering Graduate Program. The field of Computer Engineering incorporates both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Computer engineers design, program, produce, operate, and maintain computer and digital systems.