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In the West, the Om symbol is most commonly associated with yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices, yet, do we really know where it comes from and what it means? Om (Aum) is a sacred mantra syllable for Hinduism, representing both the unmanifest and manifest aspects of God and encompassing all potentialities.

Om (Aum): the Hindu Symbol of the Absolute Search the site GO At Om Village you will find an exquisite collection of the following kinds of healing art: Yoga Art, Meditation Art, Reiki Art, Healing Art, Lotus Art, Om Symbol Art, Om Symbol greeting cards. All of these pieces are transofrmative tools to assist you on your journey and to help in creating your sacred space in your home and your heart. Om is the name or symbol of God (Ishwara, Brahman).

Om covers the whole threefold experience of man. It is the combination of three letters, namely, A, U, and M. [ 3 A represents the physical plane. The Meaning of the OM Symbol.

By. Devakar Sandhu October 26, 2017. 0. Once you finish youre your meditation, try to breathe normally as you focus on it for about five minutes. Health Benefits of Chanting OM. It helps to improve concentration power; Chanting OM is a great detox for your body.

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