Us postage stamp grading

2018 Show Schedule. PSE will be attending the following shows. Please visit our show schedule page for more information. Aripex. February 16 18. Mesa, Arizona The use of grading terms to describe the relative quality of a stamp has been going on since the very beginning of stamp collecting in the mid to late 1800s. Beginning in 1987, a system was developed to finally begin standardizing the terminology and numerical grading of postage stamps. Postage stamp grading and condition When it comes to determining the value of stamps, it is very important to know the basics of stamps grades and conditions.

And in the hobby of stamp collection one should be able to get to know the price of his philatelic item in order to appraise it adequately. Overall Numeric Grade Finally, PSE's experts consider the appearance and soundness of the stamp and assign an overall numeric grade. The scale ranges from 10 to 100, 100 representing a stamp in flawless Gem condition. Twentyfive points are deducted straightaway for minor defects and 50 points for significant defects.

Grading U. S. Stamps In 2001, Professional Stamp Experts presented to the philatelic community a grading system for United States postage stamps. For the first time, all attributes of a stamp centering, soundness and eye appeal were incorporated into a single grading model, and a method for arriving at a single net grade for a stamp was Collectibles like baseball cards, coins, and stamps, are graded and priced according to their condition, scarcity, and overall appeal.

A group of 10 of the same stamp can have 10 different grades and values. The starting point, or base, starts with the most typical grade and is graded up or down. How can the answer be improved?