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PHP SQL Timestamp inserts. I hope these timestamp examples have been helpful. As you've seen, you can generally just use the SQL 'NOW()' function to insert into a SQL timestamp field, but if that doesn't work for some reason, you can also create a timestamp field in the proper format using just PHP and the date function.

PostgreSQL PHP; PostgreSQL Python; PostgreSQL JDBC; Functions. Aggregate Functions; we will introduce you to the PostgreSQL timestamp data types including timestamp and timestamptz, and show you how to use some handy functions to handle timestamp data more To get the time of day in the string format, you use the The PostgreSQL TOTIMESTAMP() function converts a string to a timestamp according to the specified format.

Syntax The following illustrates the syntax of TOTIMESTAMP() function: The syntax for the totimestamp function in PostgreSQL is: totimestamp( string1, formatmask ) Parameters or Arguments string1 The string that will be converted to a timestamp. formatmask. The format that will be used to convert string1 to a timestamp. It can be one of the following and can be used in many combinations. I have a string in this format: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 11: 39: 59 And I wonder if its possible to transform it to a valid timestamp format in order to insert it in my PostgreSQL database.

So ideally in Dec 28, 2016  How to convert MySQL TIMESTAMP to date time in PHP. Ask Question. I am new to PHP and MySQL and so far none of the other questions or documentation I have seen have successfully addressed does not appear to have a DATEFORMAT function, although PostgreSQL does).

It's just slower. Which you may well not care I want to extract just the date part from a timestamp in PostgreSQL. I need it to be a postgresql DATE type so I can insert it into another table that expects a DATE value. For example, Revised to work with a string representation of a timestamp in the format you provided. jamesallman May 26 '11 at 3: 05. 1.