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The assignment for the internal table to the fields symbol gets failed. Please find my below code where I tried all posiblities of field symbol declaration even though the values are in the internal table XVBPA the ASSIGN ('(sapmv45a)xvbpa[') TO statments Assign field symbol table and gives sysubrc 4.

Inline declaration of a field symbol for an internal table in an ASSIGN statement and inline declaration of a field symbol for the rows of the table in a LOOP. TYPES titab TYPE TABLE OF i WITH NONUNIQUE KEY tableline. DATA(dref) NEW titab( ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ). ASSIGN dref TO FIELDSYMBOL().

LOOP AT ASSIGNING To use the Fieldsymbols against the Work Area for Internal table processing. We'll also measure the difference between both of the techniques. Basics Inte Use of Fieldsymbols vs Work area. Use of Fieldsymbols vs Work area. By Naimesh Patel December 15, SAP require internal table definitions to look a little different.

With this new style of definition comes many options for better performance like hash tables and sorted tables. The use of field symbols takes this performance concept one step further. The new style of definition of internal tables DATA: lt1 TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t100.

FIELDSYMBOLS: LIKE LINE OF lt1. SELECT FROM t100 INTO TABLE lt1 UP TO 10 ROWS. dynamic access DATA: lvcompnumber TYPE i. FIELDSYMBOLS: TYPE ANY. lvcompnumber 4. LOOP AT lt1 ASSIGNING. ASSIGN COMPONENT If you know when you create the program that you want to assign a table work area to the field symbol, you can also use the following variant of the dynamic ASSIGN statement: ASSIGN TABLE FIELD () TO.

This would now assign the stucture of ITAB to the fieldsymbols So now has a stucture and it is a table. ASSIGN obj1 TO. IF IS ASSIGNED. variants. 1. assign f to. 2. assign (f) to. 3. assign table field (f) to. 4. assign local copy of main table field (f) to.

5. assign component idx of Display data dynamically using Field Symbols. By Vineesh Batchu, Yash Technologies. Now assign the reference variable to field symbol as below: Create the internal table at runtime and select the data from table and place it in dynamic internal table (Field symbol).

e) Create the field catalog and display the data. Relation between Data References and Field symbols with examples April 18, 2014 10, 384 Views Example to use field symbol with internal table: key word any table is used for declaration of unknown field symbol.

ASSIGN lrData to. Subject: [sapdev Assigning Table or Structure types to an internal table using fieldsymbols Hello Gurus, How can we assign a table or structure type to a particulart internal table? A field symbol (or formal parameter) that is not typed as an internal table cannot be used at operand positions for internal tables. Your example would work with a static ASSIGN: ASSIGN COMPONENT items TO FIELDSYMBOL().

Using field symbols You declare field symbols using the FIELDSYMBOLS statement. They may be declared either with or without a specific type. At runtime you assign a field to the field symbol using the ASSIGN statement. All of the operations on the field symbol act on the field assigned to it.

If you are accessing field symbol ASSIGN statement you must check of assignment has executed successfully. imara TYPE TABLE OF mara. FIELDSYMBOLS: TYPE mara. My Experiments with ABAP Designed on rtPanel WordPress Theme Framework.

ASSIGNING and ASSIGN are the keywords which are used to assign a value to the field symbol. Example of using field symbol as work area In the below example we are going to use field symbol as work area.